Sakura | 8.5 oz Amber Jar

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The visual magic of its bloom, release, and descent to the earth all while emitting its fragrance is the perfect reminder of the fragility of life. No wonder the allure of the cherry tree blooms has captured the imagination of mortals for centuries.

Long before Tokyo Mayor Yukio Ozaki’s gift to the U.S of cherry trees in 1912, the tradition of hanami or drinking under the cherry tree had long since been established. The practice dates to the Nara period (710-794) and continues today. 

This version gets a little boost from an infusion of magnolia and rose to act as a bed for the cherries to lie upon. While tonka bean and sandalwood offer their support as a base. 

Inspired by the general stores of small town America, the amber vessel ads instant warmth and infuses personality to any room.

Our labels are produced on a 1921 Chander & Price letterpress in Chestertown, Maryland using American made Crane & Co. paper. The labels provide the strength of character on par with the other worldly scents of Lodestone Candles.

Each container is 100% recyclable. It can hold your pens or plants, spare change or pushpins, makeup brushes or seashell collections. The possibilities are limitless.

100% soy wax, phthalate-free premium fragrance and essential oils; hand poured in Kent County on Maryland's Eastern Shore.