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Inspired Summer

Our most loved candles of the season are ready

why lodestone candles?

Looking for a way to to inspire, deepen and elevate your environs?

We research mood morphing fragrances that are free of nasty chemicals. Our all natural soy wax is not only longer burning, it is a byproduct of the cattle feed industry. Altogether, Lodestone delivers candles that delight or we make it right.

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Designed with you and the planet in mind

Careful Thought Goes into Each Candle

Why Soy?

Natural, Clean, Long Burn Time

We Created these for You.

Free of phthalates, sulfides and parabens.

Fret-Free Guarantee

We Promise Satisfaction

what's the story?

It started from a place of love.

In 2016 Greg Waddell created three holiday candles to give to his design and branding clients. In the process it seemed only right to design an identity for the candles as well. With inspiration derived from the general stores of pioneering young Americans and the manor houses dotting the east coast, Lodestone Candles was born.