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This is a magnificent candle, in every respect. On a completely different level!

Subtle scent, but with such complexity! I’ll be ordering more!

Incredible quality, from the packaging, thick glass, printed labels, wax, wick, and fragrance. Not to mention the matches, customer service and speedy shipping! Top shelf brand! This scent in particular is so evocative!

Will (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)
Another Excellent scent

Yet another excellent scent from Lodestone.

Marion D.M. (Potomac, Maryland)
Smells wonderful - very subtle scent

I have #13 and now Bonfire. I don't burn either one, but set them in rooms where they emanate a subtle scent. First saw them on Kauai and was excited to find out they are made in MD where we live. Thank you!

Lavender & Sandalwood
Rachel P. (Bryson City, North Carolina)
The scent is amazing!

I’ve been into candles for a long time and only recently discovered the Lavender and Sandalwood candle! I am obsessed and have the candles all through the house!

Sommer C. (Montgomery Village, Maryland)
Amazing scent!

I absolutely love this candle! It smells exactly like fresh cut grass :)

Holiday Votive
Brenda L. (Chestertown, Maryland)
Holiday votives

I purchased several of the holiday votives to give as gifts this year. While most of them are still waiting to be given I have enjoyed the scent of these beautifully crafted candles boxed in my work room.

Mary H. (Stevensville, Maryland)
Beautiful Gift!

This is going to be a Christmas gift. The shipping and delivery was excellent! It is beautifully packaged, and I know it will be an appreciated gift.

Dòigh Nàdair
Aaron (Carlsbad, California)
Great Scent/Aroma Strength

The scent is fantastic and the strength of the candle is also great. Some of their other candles only faintly smell when burned. This is my new favorite!

Washington D.I.D. (New York, New York)
Pleasant, Light Scent

This candle's packaging is a bit more elevated than Lodestone's other scents. However, the black wax does not burn as cleanly as competitors' and tunnels a bit even after three hours burn time. If you want a mild, discrete scent this is the candle for you. If you want a strong throw and intense scent that lingers for hours after the candle is blown out, this is not the candle for you.

Imperfect Tobacco & Bay Leaf
Joan D.
Another excellent scent! Just love

Another excellent scent! Just love these candles!

Imperfect Turkish Fig
Jane L.
Turkish Fig

I don't know - my daughter stole it.

Should we take that as an endorsement? Ha! You are not the first. And, you are in good company!

After the Rain
William T.
A bit weak

I love this scent, it’s wonderful. But the issue is the strength of it. I burn this candle in a smaller room, and even then the scent has trouble filling it up.
After shipping, I spent $59.05, making it one of the more expensive ones I’ve bought. Definitely not worth the money. Still a fine scent though, if a little weak.

Hello, William. Thank you so much for your honest appraisal. We believe in our products and we take it very seriously when they don’t meet expectations. After the Rain is one of our top sellers. Like all our products, our Fret-Free Guarantee applies to this one. We’d really appreciate the chance to make this right. We’ve email you directly to help out.

No. 13
Sarah H.
so good!!

I love how this candle burns, I love the packaging ( perfect for gifting), but most of all I love, love, love the scent of this candle- subtly floral, very fresh, not overpowering. Use many of your candles and all are great, but for spring/ summer/ actually any season this is a favorite!

Thank you for your rave review, Sarah! We are pleased to have added some joy to your home!

Joan D.
Nice light scent for Summer!

Nice light scent for Summer!

Sultan's Secret is Captivating

Sultan's Secret is my favorite so far. The scent just takes me away.

Maria P.
Love Sakura

I first discovered Sakura at Longwood Gardens Gift Shop. When I returned wanting to buy more Lodestone candles they were no longer carrying them. I'm so glad I found your website. I just love Sakura. Lovely scent. Thank you.

Hi Maria, you may have just caught a time when Longwood was simply sold out! We’ve since replenished their stock. We are, of course, happy you found us online too!

Back Forty | Final Run
Jane L.
Back Forty

Have been pleasantly surprised.

Rich Earth
Amy T.
Delicious - like a walk

Delicious - like a walk in the forest

Citron & Mandarin
Priscilla C.
Love this scent- high quality

Love this scent- high quality candle


When this scent fills the room, it transforms the space!

Imperfect Lavender & Sandalwood
Joan D.
Imperfect Lavender and Sandalwood

If there is an imperfection, I certainly couldn't find it. It's perfect in every way as usual. Lavender and Sandalwood is my absolute favorite!

Imperfect Restore
Elissa H.
Lovely as always

All the candles burn beautifully and smell divine and this one is no exception. Very very happy with my selection.

favorite scent so far

lovely scent, burns slowly and evenly